Travelling through my 23rd Birthday!

This year my 23rd Birthday was a bit different. I am in a new country with not many friends away from everyone else so I felt a little lonely BUT I had my friend Gaelle visit me for the weekend. We started off in Rotterdam where we went to Jamie’s Italian. On Saturday we ventured off to Amsterdam. It was the first time we have both been there and it was really nice! It’s just like people say it is and we really enjoyed it. It is a lot of walking and finding certain things were really difficult. We looked for the red light district for like 3 hours and once we found it, we were really shocked and kind of just ran through it lol! On Sunday before Gaelle went home, we went to Delft which is really just one of my all time favourite Dutch cities. It’s really small and beautiful.

I hope you enjoy the picture diary.

After I picked up Gaelle from the train station, we explored Rotterdam and went for lunch at Jamies Italian
We got up early Saturday to explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam



















On Sunday Teresa joined us to Delft.

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