25 Lessons I have learned by my 25th Birthday

Today is the start of my birthday week. I wanted to talk about all the lessons I have learned before my 25th birthday. I used to be so excited about my birthday and now I am like ‘meh’ it’s okay. It’s not because I am getting older or that I don’t want to get older. I mostly work on my birthday and it’s become no big deal. BUUUUUT back to the things that I have learned before my 25th birthday! Remember to follow me on Instagram

Let’s take a look at the different lessons I have learned in my short life.

  1. You never remember what you get but rather the memories associated with a certain birthday. This isn’t always true BUT it is for the most part. 
  2. You should always wear glasses if you are prescribed them. Hear me out, just wear them because yes, you may think you look like a dork, but you can get glasses that are cute; chic and accentuate your face. You are only harming your own eyes if you don’t wear them 
  3. A lot of friends are only for a season and that’s okay. Not everyone is supposed to be your friend forever.
  4. Don’t let people tell you ‘re not creative. Like seriously, I was always told I was not creative and I should only do non-creative things because that is what I am good at. Only when I was 20 did I realize I was actually a creative person. I could have been so much further along in my journey if people just supported me. 
  5. Just because they are family doesn’t mean you need to put up with their toxicity. You don’t 
  6. Mental health is important and should be more openly spoken about. My mental health was always brushed under the rug because we don’t talk about it. Now I am trying to undo 25 years of not talking about my mental health or feelings. 
  7. Guard your heart. Not everyone deserves a look into your heart and to have all the love you want to give to them. 
  8. It’s okay to walk away from friendships that hurt you more than grow and nurture you. If you feel like someone is using you and will not admit it, don’t think you should stay in that friendship. You need to walk away. 
  9. You need to have booster shots for all your shots that you got as a kid. WHO KNEW?? P.S: They’re painful 
  10. Invest in pieces of jewelry that you would want to give your kids later on in life. I always bought cheap pieces I would wear once or twice and then have to toss it because it was gross. Now I invest in pieces every so often and take good care of them. It helps that I don’t like shiny things and silver so I lucked out. 
  11. Go do things by yourself. Sit at a coffee shop by yourself. Go to the movies; go shopping. Just do something by yourself and don’t always want someone to be with you so you don’t look ‘weird’. No one cares. 
  12. If you don’t want to go to college or you do but don’t know what to study; TAKE A GAP YEAR! Don’t go to college and waste all.the.money. When you don’t know what you want to do. If you don’t want to go to college, DON’T GO!
  13. Always try and have a side hustle that you love. Work hard at it and maybe it will become your full-time job.
  14. Treat your body with respect and love even when you don’t love it.
  15. Start saving! Even if it’s $5 a week, you need to start saving. Personally I can’t save when it’s in my bank account so I have another savings account for it and I save cash.
  16. Don’t feel bad about buying something for yourself. There can be a negative connotation when it comes to ‘treat yo self’ but seriously, you also need to be happy. 
  17. Invest TIME into relationships that you love. A true friend or partner will love you regardless of how much money you have. 
  18. Do something that scares you every so often. Take a leap of faith; cut your hair; get a new tattoo. Go outside. Whatever scares you. Do it. 
  19. Invest in GOOD makeup. Just because makeup is cheap; doesn’t mean it is bad and just because makeup is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s good. 
  21. Move out of your hometown. If you can afford to travel overseas for a bit or do an exchange such as being an Au Pair (like me) do it. There is so much more to the world than the same 5 people and 2 bars. 
  22. Use reusable cups. Your coffee cup cannot actually be recycled because it’s a mixture of paper and plastic. 
  23. Tell the people you love that you love them and create memories with them because they could be gone sooner than you think.
  24. People are busy and you should respect that. Instead of being salty with someone, check in with them and ask them if you can help them in any way possible. People with kids may need a date night. Offer to babysit. Your college friend may just need a study partner, offer to help them study. Maybe they’re dealing with some type of mental illness, ask them if they need help but don’t dismiss someone because they haven’t texted you in a while. We are all busy.
  25. Be kind to yourself. You are precious and you deserve kindness and love. 

I hope this resonates with you as much as it did with me. What lessons have you learned? Did any of the lessons I have learned, resonated with you? Let me know. 

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