Social Media Management

Established in 2019, Kaffeine Media offers a unique take on digital marketing. We have helped captivate consumers and establish local businesses by using visuals to get the message across. We exist to help other startups establish a good social media presence as well as succeed in captivating consumers and turning that into sales. We pride ourselves on being personal and really carrying out YOUR vision; YOUR voice and YOUR plans through social media when we work together.

Kaffeine media is a collaborative effort with not only the founders, but you as the client. At the end of the day we strive for your business to do well and to keep a good, professional relationship with a personal touch.

Kaffeine is co-founded by two women who are very similar but very different at the same time which works out well for both their professional and personal relationships. Asha and Michelle met at a Blogger event in 2017 where they instantly hit it off. This is also the reasoning for the great name. Their mutual love for coffee; blogging and social media is what brought them together.