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Welcome to 2020, the year we FINALLY get our shit together. (JK- I wish)

I haven’t been on here for a while, it has been such a rollercoaster and I guess I have technically never written on this site before. Let me explain why I did everything and where I am going from here. 

I originally started out my blog in 2016 when I got back to South Africa after staying in the States for two years. I had gone through a lot and writing has always been a great creative outlet for me, so I thought the only natural thing to do is to write. I didn’t really know what to write about. I decided that since I was going to start studying makeup in January for 2017 and I was so dang passionate about makeup and what it represented, I would write all about makeup, beauty and everything that kind of fit into that genre. I loved it and loved learning about makeup and really kind of building a following by talking about beauty. It was great for a long time. 


rebrand 2020


Eventually I got hit with a bad burnout when it comes to makeup. I found myself very uninspired; even thinking of putting on any makeup seemed like a chore and just not worth it at the end of the day. I still created content and did makeup because that’s what the people wanted, right? Eventually in the beginning of 2019, I said nope, I need a break from makeup and what it represents. I need to create content of what I want and what I am passionate about. I have changed so much and being my own worst enemy, I made myself stick with the beauty world for way too long. 

I eventually rebranded but only minimally. I kept to my original brand and it was still makeup related. I still felt obligated to post makeup photos on Instagram and still be that person even though I really kind of hated it. 

One day I was driving to the gym and I thought to myself, ‘I’m so burnt out and I kind of hate my entire brand. It has come to the point where I am just not creating content and hate posting on Instagram because I have to post something makeup related. What can I do to change it?’

Then and there I told myself that I need to change my ENTIRE brand and that means my domain and usernames on all social media platforms. I brainstormed a lot of ideas, came up with some and one day my friend Bergie said I should name it Chelleup. It kind of sounds like shut up and it describes me perfectly. I eventually got to chelleupandlisten for many reasons (mostly because my boyfriend constantly talks over me-he’s Italian so I forgive him) and that is how chelleupandlisten was born. 




Now don’t get me wrong, makeup and beauty is still in my heart but since I have completely and utterly removed myself from it, I am wearing makeup again and I am super passionate about it. I enjoy the process and love that I get to just have fun with it for no reason in particular, other than the fact that I enjoy it. So what should you be expecting from me now? A number of things. You can still expect my wit and sarcasm; you can still expect beauty and makeup in general but I will be concentrating on lifestyle and everything related to that. What is lifestyle exactly? Well it’s everything. If i wanna talk about makeup then I can, if I want to talk about something more serious or something more goofy, I can. Why? Because this is my blog and my thoughts. You don’t have to like it but I want to talk about other things that interest me and not just stick to one thing because that’s who people know me as. 

So that is the very long winded version of what happened and how I got here. I have an AMAZING new logo thanks to my best friend, Charlie who is an incredible designer and will be featuring a lot in blogs to come, but for now, I am going to be going. I hope you enjoy my new blog!

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