A Sustainable Gift Guide for the Woman in your life

It’s almost my birthday which means it’s about time for a gift guide from me. If you know me you will know that I personally try my best to be as sustainable as possible. If you don’t know me, hi my name is Michelle and I like to try and be sustainable where possible in my life.

Due to my traveling and living in spaces that are not my permanent home, I try to do what I can and best as I can, which is so important and something I will always say. Just try your best and that’s okay. With all that being said, I would like to share some sustainable gifts that I would personally love to receive or have received/ bought myself.

Image all hand drawn, in the middle a reusable cup and on top and at the bottom are the words 'gift guide #1 reusable cups.' all for sustainable living

A reusable cup. I have a confession. Reusable cups are my weakness and I have too many of them. I do however use all of them. I rotate and change them according to my mood and where I am going. For example, I will not take a ceramic mug into the city but it works well in the car. I get a large majority of my reusable cups from Starbucks but any reusable cup is great as a gift.

hand drawn picture with a reusable bag in the middle and the words 'gift guide #2 reusable bags.' all for sustainable living

Canvas Grocery Bags- before you say ‘what? No!’ hear me out. If the woman in your life is really into sustainable living, she will LOVE this. You can get the regular grocery bags that can be personalized to their taste and name! You are also able to get

hand drawn image with a shampoo bottle in the middle and the words, 'gift guide #3 lush naked body wash.' all for sustainable living

Lush naked body wash or anything from their naked line is perfect for someone who is cutting down their waste and wanting to be more sustainable or who likes Lush. Lush as a whole has some great things and they care about the environment and waste so you could literally never go wrong with getting them something from there or even a gift card.

hand drawn image with reusable cotton rounds in the center and the words, 'gift guide #4 reusable cotton rounds.' all for sustainable living


Reusable cotton rounds- This is something that is actually on my list of things that I want. We use cotton rounds for so many different things such as makeup and generally use more than one. It has been my goal to get reusable cotton rounds for a while. They are great. You generally get a pack with a bag with it so when you dirty them, you just pop them in the bag and throw them in the wash. It’s a no brainer gift that everyone would use!

hand drawn image with reusable pads in the center and the words, 'gift guide #5 reusable pads.' all for sustainable living

Reusable pads– This is not something you would get your neighbor but a family member or friend that you are close to. It is something that you literally need and would be great to give someone. A while back HighOh sent me their reusable pads and it has honestly been such a game-changer. I typically use tampons but also have a pantyliner or something like that too and these have been pretty amazing.

I wasn’t the biggest fan in the beginning because let’s face it, I would need to wash it (ew) BUT it has been anything but that. They are easy to use and easy to clean. The pads hav little clip things that clip on and help it stay in place until you need to change it. They don’t leak or smell weird and don’t stain. Pretty perfect if you ask me. It’s really been an amazing thing as it has also cut costs a lot which is even better! Thank you HighOh for sending it to me!

Do you have other things that should have been on this list? Let me know! Also let me know about some of your favorite brands that you use to help you stay sustainable!

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