Bargains and Budgeting in Fashion

When it comes to the fashion industry, did you know that there are 52 micro seasons a year? Yeah, that means that there’s literally a new season every week. This is especially true when it comes to fast fashion. Generally, you think of the 4 different seasons and change accordingly but that’s just not how it works anymore which sucks. I am going to go through some of the things that I do right now and what I have chosen not to do to make my clothes last longer; buy cheaper and budget out to have what I want.

If you know me, you know that I don’t care much about fashion. I kind of just dress how I want and I am set. Just as long as it looks good on me, I am happy.

  1. Thrifting is your best friend. I know this is a trend right now, but seriously. I try to go look at a thrift shop as much as I can so that if there are things that I need and want, I can get them a little cheaper. They generally have really good brands if you are brand conscious and good quality which is lovely. I will always brag how I got an amazing winter jacket in The Netherlands for 10 euros and it has lasted me 3 years now.
  2. Wait for sales: Let’s be honest, everything goes on sale now. There is always a sale, no matter where you are. If you have a list of what you need, when something is on sale, you are able to pick it up and not just buy impulsively. Also, when you go to the clearance or sale section, look through everything. I am the queen of looking for jeans at Old Navy and get them for generally $10 or less!
  3. Know when to invest in clothes and when you shouldn’t. Is that sweater REALLY worth $50? How often will you wear it? I invest in things like jeans, basics, and sneakers. Other stuff I buy off-season or when it’s on sale. When I say ‘invest’ I am also not paying $$ for it. Old navy and target have incredible jeans that literally last years and aren’t expensive. Basic underwear is also cheap at target and I get sneakers that are good for me but also on sale most of the time.
  4. Buy off-season. I ALWAYS try and buy out of season where possible. I actually just picked up some skirts and dresses for spring and summer now. They are basics that will always be in style (for me at least) and were cheap!
  5. Buy and sell your stuff online. Everyone has clothes and shoes that they don’t wear anymore. We are all guilty of this. The best way to get rid of the things you don’t wear anymore is to sell them online. There are places like Poshmark; Macari; eBay etc that you can sell them on. It is also a great idea to buy higher-end things on these platforms as they will be cheaper and it also helps with the environment. Win-win I may add.

I hope these tips helped you! If you have any tips and tricks that may help me that I have not mentioned already, please let me know! I would love tips. If you have not already, follow me on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to keep reading, you can read about how to seek Jesus when you don’t seem to see Him anywhere here. You can also read about my sustainable gift guide here!



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