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As most of you know (or even if you don’t), I REALLY like coffee. So much so that I have officially rebranded my blog to include coffee specific content because truthfully it is such a passion of mine. I want to go -well keep going- on a coffee adventure. At the moment I am trying to find really good coffee in and around New York State which is where I currently live BUT before we get to all of that, I would love to talk a little more about the coffee shops around the world where I have previously visited. Some are good and some are meh but if you are looking for some inspiration, to try different coffee shops where you are, I am here and if you are looking at a specific area for good coffee, I hope to help you too!!

I generally keep things simple with my coffee order. I have always enjoyed a flat white or cortado. If I don’t want a milk based coffee, I will have a simple filter coffee or drip coffee, depending on where it is or how much of a rush I am in. 

So with all that being said, let’s start off with the coffee shop that really captured my heart when I started on this ‘coffee’ journey, Colombo Coffee. 


Colombo Coffee has always been around. In fact I so clearly remember my mom going there to buy tea and peanuts (why tho?) when I was a kid and they were a wholesaler. I never thought anything about it until my friends took me there back in 2017 or so. At this stage I had just moved back to South Africa and I was finding my way around because so much time had passed and I was so different from who I used to be which is great but also meant I had to now find out who I was in South Africa. So back to my point! I went there with a couple friends because they thought it was a good place for coffee and let me tell you something, it really is! They told me just to start ‘small’ because I was so used to drinking instant coffee as well as Starbucks  and did not know what quality coffee tasted like so I just went for a single shot cappuccino. Boy am I glad I went that day. It became a local hangout spot for us as none of us drank so going to a bar would be pointless and eating out was and still is expensive. After months of going there, I developed a taste for good quality coffee and tea and didn’t really feel the need to go back to ‘that’ instant stuff. 


colombo coffee


Overall, Colombo is great! They have very smooth coffee and it is house branded. Their teas are also incredible if you are not a coffee person and their Mocha’s are SO YUMMY! I ended up having many meetings there and spent a large majority of my time there working on my blog so it has really good memories. They have good food and treats too so it’s good to grab a snack. What I like about it is that it is outside seating only BUT it’s all covered so when it’s raining or the sun is beating down, you don’t feel it or feel like you can’t sit out there. It is also a con because when it’s ‘winter’ for that one day a year in Durban, it can get pretty cold there and if the wind picks up, you will either lose a book (I know that from personal experience) or just have to hold on to everything!

Overall I think it is a great place and I always try and visit there when I am in South Africa.


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