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As most of you know (or even if you don’t), I REALLY like coffee. So much so that I have officially rebranded my blog to include coffee specific content because truthfully it is such a passion of mine. I want to go -well keep going- on a coffee adventure. At the moment I am trying to find really good coffee in and around New York State which is where I currently live BUT before we get to all of that, I would love to talk a little more about the coffee shops around the world where I have previously visited. Some are good and some are meh but if you are looking for some inspiration, to try different coffee shops where you are, I am here and if you are looking at a specific area for good coffee, I hope to help you too!!

I generally keep things simple with my coffee order. I have always enjoyed a flat white or cortado. If I don’t want a milk based coffee, I will have a simple filter coffee or drip coffee, depending on where it is or how much of a rush I am in. 



Today I want to talk about a coffee shop that closed down and made me really sad when it did. If you are from Durban, you know exactly who I am talking about. Counter Culture was first started in Ballito and you bet your sweet ass we took the 1 hour trek or so up there every once in a while to get the goods because it was just THAT good! When they were based in Ballito, it was a full on restaurant with coffee and a full menu and it was just so good! I first went up there with my friend Misha and I really enjoyed it so much that even when she did not want to go, I made an excuse to drive up there for the food and coffee. Eventually they moved down to Florida Road in Durban where we lived about five minutes away from and it was pretty much across the street from church so yeah, that was a normal hangout for pretty much everyone I knew in the area lol! I could never go there without seeing someone I didn’t know. Counter Culture focused on all things not very ‘normal’ hence the name. They were also very heavy on the surfing. In fact they were closed on a Sunday to go surfing. 


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I really enjoyed going there especially on a morning where I had to be up early to do some work before I went to my various jobs that I was doing or meet Misha for a morning coffee because we are both morning people. 

Their coffee was really good and it’s where I got into black filter coffee as I had gone vegan by then. They also had incredible banana bread as well as good breakfast food that did not contain dairy, whoo! 

It was also the last place I went to before I headed to the airport to move to The Netherlands. 

It left me with so many good memories and I was devastated when I heard they were closing down but don’t worry, there is another coffee shop that has a similar vibe in the area that I will be talking about soon! 😉


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