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Last weekend I ventured off to yet another coffee shop in Manhattan. This time it was at Think Coffee blog in their SoHo location. You can find them here. When I walked in, I was taken aback by how big and spacious it is. There are tables and chairs right around the perimeter of the shop which means in turn, the middle boasts a big of space which is always welcomed in the busy Manhattan.

The staff were friendly and welcoming which is always great and it really wasn’t that expensive all things considered. I had an iced cold brew because it was just so damn hot and it seemed like the only option for espresso based cold drinks which isn’t the greated but it is what it is. The cold brew was freshly made and was actually really good. I forgot to ask what bean they were using but I did quite enjoy it. What I liked about the condiment bar is that they had the basic milks but also soy milk which does not happen often and makes me happy due to the fact that I can’t have dairy. They also had simple syrup as well as sugar so if you had a cold beverage, you were able to sweeten it yourself and not have all the sugar grounds just floating in your coffee without making it, you know- sweet. Also on the condiment bar are biodegradable straws which is a plus considering I forgot my resuable cup at home- bummer.

They have like 4 different bars which makes me think that they can get really busy or that they train staff there. They also have a good selection of good, healthy food which is a plus as we all know that the food at coffee shops can often times be really unappetizing and just meh.

Lastly, the decor is simple and minimilistic, it doesn’t overwhelming and over the top. It is a great place to sit and work on your laptop if needed but they did not seem to have many outlets for you to plug in your latops and such.

Overall, I think it was a good place to go and have some coffee.


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