5 Coffee Shops In One Weekend?

I can’t do blogTober without mentioning a couple of coffee shops. There has been a good amount of coffee shops on my radar that I am hoping to go to. I thought it would be a good time to challenge myself and try visit 5 coffee shops in one weekend when I am in Manhattan next.

I want to share my top 5 and why I want to visit them.


coffee shops



Stumptown Coffee ~

Stumptown Coffee ! I really want to visit them because my favourite local coffee shop uses their beans and I think they’re really good so I would love to visit their shop and see what other products they have.


The Uncommons ~

The Uncommons! It’s coffee AND board games. Like seriously, should I say anything else about it? I love the concept, especially as it goes into fall and winter. It gets really cold in New York and having the option of doing something fun while drinking coffee indoors is incredible!


Coffee Shops


Coffee Project ~

Coffee Project ~ it has some pretty good reviews and I really would love to explore Brooklyn more so having the option of good coffee really steers me to the area 😉


Steamy Hollows ~

Steamy Hollows ~ It’s a freaking Harry Potter inspired coffee shop. I am not saying more.


Cafe Grumpy ~

Cafe Grumpy ~ I feel like this coffee resonates to me in my soul. I love the theme of this place as well as all they have to offer.

There are so many other places that I absolurelty want to go visit and experience and so many other places I have already. Please let me know if you have any other reccomendations! I would love to hear from you.

If you want to read more on my blogTober you can read day two here and day one here.


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