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Today I am so pleased to be working with Rocksbox. They are a jewellery subscription box that is absolutely wonderful. When you sign up you go through a questionaire that helps them pick out the perfect pieces just for you. It really is wonderful and something that I really wanted to do for a while so when they approached me for a collaboration, the answer was an obvious yes!

We see so many different subscription boxes nowadays and although that is great, let’s be honest. How much of the stuff do you actually use from them? Especially beauty subscription boxes. It’s interesting to think about. What makes Rocksbox so different is that once you are done using the pieces, you can return them and move on to the next box. It is $21 a month with free shipping and returns. What is really cool and got to me is that if you want to buy the a piece of jewellery, you get the box price off, which is $21. So if a piece is $30, $21 comes off and you pay the differece. If you love ALL 3 pieces, and want all of them, you get an additional $10 off.


Jewellery Box


It is such a good initiative in my opinion because there are so many times where I want to wear a piece one time for an event or photoshoot and never wear it again. I have ended up with a bunch of pieces that I just don’t wear which takes up so much space but it is also bad for the enviroment.

So, with all that being said, if you use the code: chellexoxo at checkout, you will get your first box FREE! I am loving my subscription and I hope you do too!

Here is a look at what I got this month:


Jewellery Box
Sophie x Sterling Necklace


Ava Rose Charlotte Studs


Earring Loops
SLATE Quinn Hoops 

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