Sunflower Festival 2019 ~ Barton Orchards

Sunflower Festival 2019!! A couple weeks ago we went to Barton Orchards on a whim and let me tell you something. It was the best last minute decision I have ever made. Basically it is a huge farm with EVERYTHING you could possibly want. It has goats and llama’s youre able to feed. It has a dog park for your doggo’s as well as a huge park for the kids along with a race track and bicyle cars. It also has a mini golf course that you’re able to use! What made us so excited -because we’re old and care about the small things- is that you were able to go and pick your own fruit and veggies which is just so incredible! We may have geeked out on that because living in New York, you don’t see that often. They have events on pretty much every weekend in season which is really nice and totally worth the drive. They also do wedding in case you’re wondering! and yes, we actually checked because it was THAT amazing!


Sunflower Festival


Sunflower Fest
Picking sunflowers was really the highlight of the day. We had to weed through the bees but other than that, it was great.


You ok hun
You ok hun?




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  1. Gorgeous Pictures! Looks like a ton of fun. It is now on my bucket list, plus my chickens would love the sun flowers once it was time for them to move on back unto earth. =) I also love the Are you ok Hun tote bag! #totebagaddict

  2. that place looks and sounds amazing…we also have the same farm here in the Philippines, with lots and lots of beautiful sunflowers including a maze, sadly I’ve never been there because of the seasonal bloom of sunflowers.

  3. Sun flower is one of my favorite flowers in the world. Every time I see a sun flowers it reminds me about the rays of then sun saying that keep on smiling and always be a sunshine to everyone.

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