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My hair journey has been such a long one. I have always had long hair and relished in it. I enjoyed the fact that is was long and it was my pride. However, I hated how it looked. I hated that It was frizzy and curly because at the time it seemed like all my friends had long, straight hair and I did not. I ended up spending HOURS each time I washed my hair straightening it. I would do everything I could to keep it straight and always did touch ups when I went out. As the years progressed, I lost my natural curl and it ended up being more wavy than curly and I was okay with that. As I progressed into my late teens and early twenties, I started dying it excessively. I had it pink for a while then I had red hair for about 2 years or so and just kept dying it and kept straightening it. 

In 2018 I had this big urge to chop all my hair off. Literally. I didn’t want it anymore, all I seemed to be doing was putting it up and not actually doing anything with it. I never got the guts to cut it off and instead, just carried on resenting it. It looked nice when I did put effort into it but most of the time I just never did. Finally after moving from Holland to New York with a bit of a break in South Africa, I was driving from work one day and I literally went ‘eff this’ and pulled into the nearest supercuts. I went in and said hey, I wanna chop all my hair off in one length, can you do that? It was the middle of December, right before they closed and she was a bit taken aback but she did it. She tied my hair up and cut it all off to my shoulders. It was the most liberating and scary thing I have done recently. I had my hair cut to the shortest I have ever had that I could remember and suddenly, I did not know what to do.


hair journey


It has been a long journey since then, trying to fall in love with the short hair but also, I got my curls back and by back, I mean I get a huge ass afro and that is really cool! A lot of people did not recognise me because everyone is so used to the crazy short hair or the aquamarine colour that I put in it. Mostly people were shocked that I have curly hair!

I have really fell in love with my hair and I am in the process of growing it out again because, as much as I love this length, I really miss my long hair. 

Another thing that I have loved about this journey is really just discovering how much I love my curls and that they make me really happy. My main goal when I got back to the states was to buy a straightner and I did but I have used it, I think twice since I got it because I just really am enjoying my natural hair. There has been freedom and liberation from saying ‘eff you’ to society’s norms and I am here for it. 

Let me know if you have done anything similar recently. I would love to hear about it! 

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