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This year has been a tough year. After having my appendix burst and then falling down and hurting my ankle, I have not been in a gym for about 3 months. Those who know me know that I used to go to the gym all the time and absolutely loved it. I loved the fact that I could go in and burn off calories and I was on a good road to losing a healthy amount of weight but also just being strong and feeling good about myself.
That all went downhill this year when I hurt myself and couldn’t go. I ended up gaining about 30lbs which is a lot but also more so because I am so short and even 5lbs can be seen quite visibly.
So instead of moping about it and feeling sorry for myself which I did for a while- I decided to get my butt in gear and really just do something about it. I am not doing anything completely drastic and going on this huge health kick that will end up kicking me in the ass and I will probably end up picking up all the weight again. Instead I have made small changes. I started intermittent fasting and I use this app called ‘life’ which tracks your fasting and you can add friends on there to support each other. You can add my group which I have deemed “The coffee club” because we are all half dead and need coffee  I have also just started to slowly meal prep. I am not cutting out anything but rather eating in moderation and adding more veggies. I don’t restrict myself when I go out but I watch how much I eat as I do tend to binge which I am working on too.
I also bought this scale that completely changed my life as well as my friends. It’s a scale called Fitindex and I love it. It comes with an app that measures your weight; BMI; Body Fat amongst a lot of other things. It’s something my friend started using and it changed her life so she made me get it (thanks Charlie!) it’s also fairly cheap, sitting at about $24 on Amazon 

So far I have lost 1kg (roughly 2 lbs) and will continue to hopefully lose more weight as the months go on.

So I will be using my blog as well as the fasting app “Life” to hold me accountable and I would love you to join in with me so we can support each other. My goal is not to lose a huge amount of weight but rather to get into better habits; to be healthy and to be fit!
If you have any suggestions or encouraging words, I would love to talk with you! You can leave a comment below or find me on my social medias.

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