Paris Trip 2018

I had the opportunity to visit Paris this past Summer and it was really amazing. I have the whole thing on my Insta-stories if you want to see all the pictures there but I wanted to share some on here too!

Day 1: I had to take the most basic tourist photo that you HAVE to take when you go to Paris. The Lourve musuem is breathtaking.



Seeing Gaelle after almost 6 months.


The Eiffel tower from a distance!


Day 2: I got soaking wet in a random downpour and some guy opened his resturant for me to seek shelter while it cleared up!


I met with Gaelle on her lunch break for Chipotle. I love Mexican food and I missed Chipotle so much so it was wonderful having this after almost 2 years.


I spent the afternoon exploring more parts of Paris.


We had to take a selfie at the Notre Dame


Final day before I left. We had to go to the Eiffel Tour


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