Braai Review ~ Amsterdam

Braai is a restaurant in Amsterdam that I went to recently. It’s South African inspired. When I asked about the store; they told me that a Dutch man lived in South Africa for a while and fell in life with our Braai’s. A braai is a bit like a BBQ but not really. We don’t believe in putting hamburger patties or sausages on the fire; we generally build it with charcoal or wood and it’s mostly just a good excuse to invite people over and be social. Apparently that’s what we do. Who knew ?

I found this place by accident when someone asked for a recommendation. I immediately went to check out the menu and was surprised that it wasn’t too expensive and really, just what I needed after being away from South Africa for 9 months. 

The menu is small; mostly ribs, burgers and meat because that’s what South Africans typically live off of. They also have classics like sweet potato, amarula and springbok shots. Something that I found amusing is that they had fried banana topped with sugar as a dessert. We all know we have fried banana for breakfast ?

Something to be aware of though, the service isn’t the best. I’m used to not the best service in Europe because apparently that’s normal -which is kind of disappointing, not going to lie- but it took about 10 min to get a menu and about 15 min for someone to come get our drink order. By that time we had decided what we wanted to eat so we did everything at once. 

I do really recommend the restaurant though. Not because it’s typical South African, which it’s not, but because the food and atmosphere is incredible and makes your heart happy.

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