Sephora Play! Box ~January 2019 -2020

So I have decided to finally take the plunge and get the monthly Sephora Play! Box! It is only $10 a month and what really got to me is the fact that you can buy all the products directly from Sephora which is better than IPSY which you have to buy on the company’s website and thus, most likely pay for added shipping costs and what not. Sephora also has higher end brands and so you can try these products without paying full price. Finally, I just want to address the whole ‘but you’re cruelty free?!’ yes I am and right now, I can’t afford the $50 plus you would pay for a cruelty free or vegan box -if they even exist- I understand by purchasing this box I will essentially be ‘supporting’ the ill treatment of animals and supporting the company. I understand the consequences and I don’t plan on getting this box forever. I feel as a beauty enthusiast, I should explore the world of subscription boxes, so that is what I am doing. With all that being said, I am excited for my first box! 

Let’s see what we got, shall we? 

Play Box


Beauty Blender blendercleanser solid pro (CRUELTY FREE)- This has got a ton of hype and it really lives up to the hype. It really cleans your beauty blender CLEAN! 




Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (NOT CRUELTY FREE) – I like this. It is very pigmented and moisturising! 




Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask (NOT CRUELTY FREE)- I really like this sleeping mask. It has been the first one I have tried and it really helped my skin. It’s very moisturizing and hydrated my skin really nicely especially in this cold weather



HUM Nutrition Daily cleanse clear skin and body detox supplement (CRUELTY FREE)- I have not tried this yet, but I am looking forward to using it and seeing how it helps my skin. 




Origins Clear improvement active charcoal mask (NOT CRUELTY FREE)- I have used this a couple times and I really REALLY like this! It has helped clear my skin up so much and I am glad I am using it! 



Overall, I think that this is a great first box and I am looking forward to the next one! 

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