NYX Grand Opening

In March this year, the beauty community in South Africa was buzzing!
We were FINALLY going to have NYX in South Africa *key dramatic music* not only that but we were also going to have a “HUGE” opening in Durban. We never get anything nice in Durban so can you imagine how ecstatic we were?
We got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. My friends decided to meet me at my house and then I would drive us to Gateway. We got to Gateway at around 6am, makeup in tow and sat on the floor to do our makeup. Apparently we were not the only people who decided that this would be a great idea. About 50 other people thought so too. The first 200 people who got there would receive a goodie bag so that was natural. As long as we also got a goodie bag, we were good.

While in the line, we made a couple of friends which was cool. It’s always cool making friends that have the same interests as us.

This was the first time I have done anything like this and can I just say, I do not think I was very prepared. The floor was hard and I didn’t pack a pillow or chair. Nor did I pack coffee or food. Mc Donald’s is literally on the other side of the mall which takes about 10-15 min to walk there. Slower if you haven’t had coffee lol.
Eventually we got food and waited and waited and waited some more. Fast forward to the actual opening. There weren’t 200 people there so they were literally just giving anyone who walked past a wrist band to get a free goodie bag. Basically I could have slept in, put my makeup on at home, gotten breakfast AND coffee and still made it on time? Sigh.

It was a really small turnout and NYX products in South Africa is VERY expensive!
I do not think that NYX is worth it in South Africa as they have such a limited range and everything is just so expensive here. I know that this is due to import duties and other expenses but why should America pay $5 and we have to pay like R250 for the same product (that’s almost 3 times the price).
I do think that the experience was worth it and I would do it over again (because, makeup).

Have you ever waited in line for a new launch or a store opening? Let me know!

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