South African visit 2018

I went to South Africa in November 2018 for 3 weeks between my time in The Netherlands being finished and before I flew to New York. It is an interesting thing to visit your country, knowing you are on a time crunch. I got to see friends whom I love; made new friends and had coupious amounts of coffee. I spent a lot of time with my friend Misha who has been such a rock in my life. She’s an amazing photographer and an all round amazing person.


On my way to Durban from Johannesburg after 2 VERY long flight.


After Mish and Kelly picked me up at the airport. I love these girls so much


A very tired Michelle drinking coffee right before church
My first taste of Skyline coffee! I had heard AMAZING things about this place ad it really lived up to the hype!


Showing Misha all the polaroids from my farewell in Holland.
More coffee dates with my favourite people
New Album dropping soon.
Skyping with Grace
It wasn’t purely a vacation. We also had to work. It’s more fun with friends.
This is Alec. Of the 2 or so years that we have known each other. This is the only photo we have together. He is an incredible human who means a lot to me. So that’s his 5 min to fame.
This is one of our favourite spots for food. The falafiel fundi is so good and locally owned.
I met this incredible human named Ben. He has a heart of gold and loves special needs kids. He also is really good at loving people regardless of how long he has known you for. Also, he is incredibly funny!
We did a couple photoshoots that were really awesome and I loved everything about them!
Vegan ice cream for the win!
More coffee dates. This time at colombo!
Tea dates before I left the country.

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