Saving Puppies

So, wanna hear a really crazy story?
Cool, look no further 😀

The day started like normal, you know, crazy photoshoots and stuff (this is me being sarcastic, I do AuPair full time lol)

After the shoot -which took longer than watching paint dry- Kelly and I went for coffee at our favourite coffee shop, Colombo where we met her boyfriend Josh. He showed us a picture of puppies that he saw the previous day while dropping off his domestic worker at home. He told us that there were four puppies who did not seem to have a mother and their ‘owner’ literally did not care about the puppies. So much so that there were dead puppy corpses by them and the ‘owner’ literally did not care. SIGH.

So what do we do? Drive to this township and paid this lady R200- just so we could take these puppies home. You know, super casual lol.

We took them back to my place and realised that there were more fleas than puppies. Kelly and Josh spent most of the night washing them, defleaing them as well as removing ticks.

In between all that, I had a bunch of people coming to my house, because puppies.

We ended the night with Mcdonald’s and Josh left at midnight (this adventure started at 2pm)

Kelly and I went to bed around 1am and woke up at 5:30 to start the day and get the puppies up. We were supposed to work that morning but thankfully it was raining so we had more time with the puppies. That morning, my friend Kim came and took one puppy so we had 3 left which to be very honest is so much easier than 4!

We went to Colombo coffee where it all started. We took the puppies. You know, normal. An amazing lady came up to us and took one puppy. She’s really so amazing and is taking good care of him.

That left us with 2 puppies!! Saturday night I was up every 45 min with the one puppy as he has such separation anxiety. We found homes for the remaining 2 puppies on Sunday and cleaned my house. I have never disinfected as much as I did that weekend.

By the end of the weekend, we had slept maybe 10 hours from Friday thru Sunday? Up in the early hours of the morning and sleeping well after midnight. I really think it was worth it though and if I could do this every weekend I would!

My goal is to one day have a big enough garden or a plot of land where I will be able to rescue animals and give them a happier place to live. I don’t understand why people mistreat animals or abandon them. There is honestly no reason for that. It makes me sad and I hope that more people will consider adopting animals before buying puppies from breeders.

Please consider donation to your local animal shelter and also make sure that it is a no kill shelter as most shelters are kill shelters (I am looking at you SPCA)

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